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E-Mail: info@orts-gmbh.de

made in Germany since 1972

Nearby Lübeck, close to the Baltic Sea you find a specialist for grabs and handling equipment.

The grabs of ORTS GmbH Maschinenfabrik are in operation around the world, on all continents and all oceans.

Some highlights:

ORTS is the grab-maker of the fully radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grabs.

Since 25 years these “working horses” from ORTS have been proving their high performance, reliability and ability to operate at every kind of crane. Just hook on and start working!

Other worldwide unique special constructions are e.g. a swimming oil-salvage grab for recovering row-oil from the water-surface (after ship-accidents).

In the beginning of the 1980’s the first grabs with 100% enclosed buckets for protecting the environment from ORTS came on the market.

A 115 t dead weight salvage grab for destroying and removing ship-wrecks. The biggest dredging grabs were constructed for St. Petersburg/Russia (60 t and 80 t dead weight).

Also repairs on grabs from other manufacturers have been carried out many times.

In the end of the 1990’s ORTS overtook the last drawings from grab-manufacturer ZGS (former “TAKRAF” VEB Schmiede und Schweißwerk Zwickau SSW”) the leading grab manufacturer in the former East Germany (GDR/DDR). ORTS is able to provide, as far as the drawings are available, spare parts for old ZGS and “TAKRAF” grabs.

Counted over the life-time of a grab, ORTS-grabs are the best-priced grabs which are available:

Reliable, most efficient, powerful with a low spare part consumption.