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made in Germany since 1972


Electro hydraulic grab
Electro hydraulic grabs are designed and produced by Orts-GmbH. Electro hydraulic grab is equipped with an electric motor to power the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump brings hydraulic cylinder into action forcing grab buckets to open and close. Power is supplied to the electro hydraulic grab via a power-cable that is situated at the crane jib with some additional equipment, e.g. cable drum, rope drum, guide rollers.

Diesel hydraulic grab, fully radio controlled
Fully radio controlled diesel-hydraulic grabs are constructed and produced by ORTS GmbH since more than 20 years! A radio controlled diesel hydraulic grab is a crane attachment that is operated independently of power cables or hydraulic lines; it is completely self-sufficient and is operated via a radio control device by the crane driver or another person at the loading room. Thus, a radio controlled grab can be used on any crane, since an external power supply is not necessary. A diesel engine inside the grab provides the power to drive the hydraulic pump. The crane operator has to send command to move the buckets via a radio control. The way of control the movements of the buckets / clamshells is identical with an electro-hydraulic grab. They are fast, reliable and the better alternative solution comparing to mechanical single rope grabs!

Mechanical rope grab
Mechanical rope grabs can have one rope, two ropes or four ropes. Some rare special cranes need 3- rope grabs. As the name suggests, mechanical grab is operated by means of cable / rope systems only (“pulley block / lifting block”) and requires no power supply or hydraulic lines. Mechanical grab is used for loading and unloading of bulk materials in ports, at industrial plants, as well as in ore smelting and blast furnaces’ operation. It is used in port facilities as well. Here a purely mechanical grab is a great advantage, because they are mechanical and robust. No electronics, no hydraulic parts. “Pimped” mechanical grabs with e.g. radio control and hydraulic system loose this advantage. Mechanical single rope grabs are the oldest grab- system. They are slower with less t/h and have a higher dead weight compare to motor grabs (diesel hydraulic or electro-hydraulic).

By inquiry we would ask you to give us the following information:

  1. For what type of work is the grab to be used: Unloading of ship, dredging work, digging of soil, other handling.
  2. Type of crane / single, double or triple drum, capacity of crane.
  3. Type of material to be handled. Weight of material per cub.met. / cub.yds. Rate of angle of material etc.
  4. Any special wishes. e.g. rope diameter, distance between hoist ropes, distance between close ropes.

For compliance with the foregoing, we thank you in advance!

electro hydraulic grab, orange peel design EHM
salvage grab for ship wrecks 115t dead weight
electro hydraulic grab, clamshels design for bulk handling

greifer ehs b electro-hydraulic-grabs Type: EHS-B
greifer ehm electro-hydraulic-grabs Type: EHM
greifer dhs b diesel-hydraulic-grabs Type: DHS-B
greifer dhm diesel-hydraulic-grabs Type: DHM
seilgreifer Rope grabs
Typ:1-Seil / 2-Seil /
3-Seil / 4-Seil
traversen Lifting beams